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501(c) (3) Public Charity

PV as an IRS 501(c) (3) Public Charity will assist those persons who have suffered such disabilities by directing them to programs and services to meet their needs. Those programs will not always be provided by PV directly but rather in conjunction with other well established 501(c) (3) public charities or private foundations.

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In support of those who seek assistance from Parans Vitam our personnel will attempt to direct the applicant in the appropriate direction. For instance, if you are not receiving veteran benefits, we will help put you in touch with a law and advocacy group. Or if a military person is having difficulty with support their family during the rehab process, we can direct them to organizations like the USO, which has facility at various hospitals to assist in that regard.

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When veterans are under rehab and determining what jobs they are seeking, we will help them develop omission and connect to various employers such a major insurance companies, major manufacturers, government agencies or rehab to get back to the work they like to do or participate in.

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Other Organizations

There are other organizations that are more target to specific need such as Wounded Warriors Organization or Special Operations Warrior Foundation. These provide for direct assistance to people who are severely physically and mentally disabled and need intense assistance in proceeding with their life. Those are the kind of supports and assistance we help provide. Our viewpoint in providing that support is that America is a good place, not perfect, but good. We all here at Parans Vitam try to be better and more honest people than we were yesterday. The family is sacred.